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Learning the Names of Dental Instruments

For those studying to be dentists or dental assistants, learning the names of the dental instruments can be a complicated process. There are so many different instruments that it can be very confusing. Luckily, most of the dental instruments look like their name and are used in that same function. This can make it easier for the student to remember which instrument is which. Other ideas for learning the names beyond thinking about what the instrument looks like and how it is used includes the use of flash cards and memory jogging agents such as remembering when you first used the instrument or a funny fact about the instrument every time you pick up the piece

One of the most commonly known dental instruments is the pick. To remember the name of this dental instrument, think about how the pick is used. The average wooden pick is used to allow the individual to safely remove a piece of food from between his or her teeth. The metal dental pick may have the appearance of a hook, but it is used in much the same manner as the wooden pick. The hook shape enables the dentist or hygienist to reach behind the teeth and remove any plague or food particles that may be back there, left over from brushing and flossing.

The tongue scrapper is used to scrape away bacterial and lose plague from the mouth. This action is implied in the name of the dental instrument. The non-dental scraper is used to scrape away things that should not be there, such as ice on a windshield or dirt from a surface. This instrument is also shaped like a scraper. It is a flat tool with a handle that is at a slight angle in relation to the paddle. This angle makes it possible effectively scrape the tongue clean of all loose particles.
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